Forma motum generat (Shape generates Motion)

“Shape generates motion” is our mission.

Studio Turci is expert on gear boxes, transmissions and cams mechanisms.

We design complex shape bodies.

Our job involves:

  • Industrial gearboxes design and analysis
  • Automotive transmissions design and analysis
  • Machine design and drawing
  • FE and multibody analysis
  • Gear boxes design
  • Legal Knowledge Engineer
  • Training  (KISSsoft, MSC, ProE, ME10, SOLIDWORKS, SolidEdge, BricsCAD)
  • Technical (for designer and workshops) software setup and maintenence
  • CAD-PDM integration
  • Mechanical Software development (for cam and gear design)
  • X-Camme development


X-Camme is a Microsoft Excel add-in for design and cut cam mechanisms, including modeling profiles of 2D and 3D cutting and grinding machine tools.

X-Camme run with SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, solidedge, thinkdesign/hypermill,  CoCreate SolidDesigner (Creo Elements/Direct Modeling), PTC proE / Creo, Autocad, ME10,

– cam design
– CNC file output
– 3D model generation
– 2D complete draft generation

– easy to use
– excel integration
– multilanguage
– easy to customize

News: X-Camme for a ventilator vs Covid19