Who we are

Massimiliano Turci is a consultant in gears and cam mechanisms design. He received his master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the “Alma Mater Studiorum” University of Bologna in 1996. He began as a CAD manager and he developed X-Camme, a software for the design of cam mechanism, used in packaging and beverage industry. In 2004 he started working on gears as application engineer for KISSsoft in Italy: now he is the team leader of the Italian technical staff of KISSsoft, a Gleason company, in collaboration with Gear Transmission Solution, a company for engineering in Italy. His professional experience is primarily in the development of computational models for vehicle transmissions and enclosed gearboxes (planetary, helical, bevel and wormgear). He is a member of the AGMA worm gear committee, the UNI (Italian national body) gears committee and the ISO workgroup for gear calculations. He has published several papers and he is member of the technical committee of the magazine Organi di Trasmissione. As a mechanical engineer, he is an expert witness for the civil court of Forli.